Ayudas europeas

Plazo de solicitud Descripción de la ayuda
23/06/2018 Inducement prize for design-driven innovative material solutions to reduce particulate matter air pollution in urban areas +info
26/09/2018 Horizon prize for Integrated Photovoltaic Energy System +info
03/04/2019 Horizon prize CO2 reuse will reward innovative products utilising CO2 that could significantly reduce the atmospheric emissions of CO2 +info
03/04/2019 Horizon prize for Combined Heat and Power (CHP) installation in a hospital using 100% renewable energy sources +info
31/12/2020 Call for expression of interest to register as evaluator in the EASME database for the evaluation of tourism-related calls for proposals WP 2015 +info
31/12/2020 Horizonte 2020 (2014-2020): Liderazgo industrial – Innovación en las pymes – Instrumento pyme        +info
31/12/2020 Nuevo servicio de apoyo de la CE para explotación de resultados proyectos VII PM y H2020 +info
Preanuncio de las convocatorias de PRIMA (Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area) +info
Programa COSME, convocatoria de ayudas europea dirigida a los parques científicos y tecnológicos +info